Organization Benefits

Supercharge your Fundraising Team

The Ponopass platform gives your organization true group buying power with a world class fundraising component. Available with traditional plastic cards or a smartphone version, fundraising with Ponopass Marketplace produces real results and a true win-win scenario.

Key Elements

Capture the true value with our social media tools to maximize your groups efforts. Ponopass stands alone in value added features and benefits for our partner organizations.

Target Audience

Be sure to communicate with your supporters and let them know your appreciation of any activity. With SMS messaging, email, and social media, the Ponopass team helps to keep organizations engaged with their community


Build your fundraising campaigns with tools previously unavailable and gain new opportunities to network with local businesses and neighborhoods. With Ponopass your efforts and results from the initial drive will provide new ways for your supporting group to drive traffic year round with network merchants.

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