Merchant Features

Embrace Community

Show your appreciation to customers and the surrounding community with active participation on the Pono network. As many successful business leaders often give back, the combined effect of intelligent fundraising with existing relationships provides unlimited potential.

Social Voice

The Merchant Dashboard offers great value to help you increase sales. Our technology gives businesses multiple ways to boost sales with social media infused sharing and turn key e-commerce with online shopping carts.

Our platform connects thousands of people who can promote your brand which benefits their cause and drives traffic to your business either in-store or online.

Advertising & Marketing

  • Send custom mobile messages direct to consumers and supporters
  • Utilize the social media tools built into our Merchant Dashboard
  • Ready to go selling modules for multiple categories, brands, or product type

What's In Your Wallet

Tap into the power of the Mobile Wallet. Ponopass introduces fundraising with Apple Wallet (and android wallets) integration which offers supporters a new way acquire and hold dozens of coupons, gift cards, and vouchers on their smartphone.  Ponopass Members have full access to download offers and store them in their mobile wallet*.

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